Special Cash Management solutions

UKRSIBBANK seeks to introduce cutting-edge technologies on a regular basis to improve and facilitate cash management.

Cash pooling/Zero-balancing

If your company has an extensive network of branches or is made up by stand-alone structures, you may want to try or service Automatic Funds Concentration from subaccounts of branches on the Master-account of your company (Cash pooling/Zero-balancing). UKRSIBBANK has a solid knowledge of financial management specifics in holdings and big companies; therefore we offer you an unrivaled opportunity to automatically manage cash flow on current accounts of your business group.

Automatic Funds Concentration will allow your company to:

  • fully control financial flows of your company’s branches/subsidiaries;

  • set any frequency for Cash Pooling on the Master-account to match specifics of your company;

  • use the service both within one legal entity and within the whole business group comprising different legal entities, subsidiaries;

  • add an unlimited number of accounts to the service list and create a multilevel system of sub-accounts;

  • individually choose any way to transfer the remaining positive balance on sub-accounts: to transfer 100% of the balance (Zero-balancing), 100% over the set limit for remaining positive balance, or a fixed sum (Cash pooling).

With Automatic Funds Concentration you will be entitled to the following benefits:

better management of incomes and expenses thanks to self-financing within the business group;

automatic transfer of funds from Master-account to a deposit account on your request;

easier financial monitoring and accounting of parent company;

individual approach to accruing interests on your Master-account balance.

The service is available only in UAH for legal entities-residents of Ukraine, as well as for non-residents. For a non-resident the service is to be activated for the concentration of funds only on one of the accounts, held by this non-resident.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is applied to your current account in national or foreign currency. On your order, the Bank debits a sum required to cover your credit liabilities at a specified date.


Benefits of direct debit:

  • Timely automatic repayment of your loan will add to your credit history, which may prove useful when you apply for a loan next time;

  • You don’t need to waste your time and monitor payments due as the total debt under your loan is automatically calculated and debited on a specified day;

  • For your convenience, we have several schemes to repay your loan: amount due can be debited either from several current accounts or you can opt to repay several loans from one current account;

  • Even if the balance on your account is not enough for repayment, the Bank can debit part of amount due within the remaining balance to prevent further growth of your debt.

For more details UKRSIBBANK employees will kindly provide you with detailed information on the automatic credit call-in service at your request.

Standing Order

Standing Order service allows to make regular payments from your UKRSIBBANK current account automatically. You only have to specify amount, payment details and frequency of payments. The Bank will care about the rest on your order.

Benefits of Standing order:

  • You can select several types of standing order: transfer of a fixed sum, 100% of your balance or 100% above the minimum balance on your current account;

  • It is up to you to set frequency of payments in line with their specifics: every working day, certain day of every month or the last day of the month/quarter/year;

  • The only thing you need to do is to regularly add money to your current account – the Bank will take care of the rest;

  • Standing Order you can easily save money on your deposit account;

  • To make payments on different terms and conditions and to different counterparties, you just need to sign the required supplementary agreements with the Bank.

For more details please approach UKRSIBBANK employees, who will kindly advise you on how to make automatic payments using Standing Order service.

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