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Current accounts are an integral part of any company’s activity and a basis for its relationship with the bank. UKRSIBBANK current accounts ensure both standard financial transactions (cash and non-cash), and other banking services to meet the day-to-day needs of your company.

UKRSIBBANK offers the following effective cash management tools for local and international companies:

Here are some UKRSIBBANK advantages:

  • wide range of cash management services;

  • fast and accurate payments ensured by state-of-the-art electronic systems and automatic payments;

  • unique and simple schemes to control and distribute money for companies with extensive networks;

  • cutting-edge and safe data transfer technologies;

  • cost-effective and tailor-made cash flow management solutions to meet your specific needs.

UKRSIBBANK offers a wide range of payments for current account holders:

  • Cash transactions: cash desk payments (checks, proceeds from outlets, third party payments, cash collection), withdrawal from current accounts (checks, corporate cards);

  • Non-cash transactions: funds transfer between accounts;

  • Payments on paper or via UKRSIB business internet banking;

  • National and foreign currency payments (SWIFT), including via international internet banking channels of BNP Paribas;

  • Automatic payments: standing order, direct debit;

  • Single and regular payments: payroll projects, cash desk money transfers to individuals;

  • Special solutions: consolidation of client balances (Zero-balancing) and automatic funds transfer between the accounts of the company or its structural subdivisions (Cash pooling).

Check out the list of documents required to open a current account:

  • Official representative offices

  • Rental companies

  • Non-resident investors

  • Separate subdivisions

  • Resident legal entities

  • Unincorporated businesses

  • Trade unions

  • Permanent missions

  • To create authorized funds

  • National currency accounts

    Conduct national and international transactions at favorable rates. Basic and Basic Plus national currency tariff packages offer a wide range of services for your business.

    National currency accounts
  • Foreign currency accounts

    If your company has foreign currency transactions, the Basic foreign currency tariff package is the best choice for you.

    Foreign currency accounts

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